SEB media is a digital media agency based in Sydney and services clients Australia-wide through partners in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

We strive to deliver a professional product, on-time, within budget, catering to all your digital media needs without the hassle of searching around for all the different pieces of the puzzle for your project. We want to streamline your process of completing projects, whilst delivering a high quality product.

SEB was founded by Tom Judd in early 2009 after working as a freelancer for several years. Since then, the team has grown and now consists of a variety of camera operators, editors, motion graphics artists, graphics designers and sound designers to name a few.

Where did that bizarre name come from? We found an article in 2008, where scientists were baffled after finding the remains of a polar bear inside a shark. So we thought: “We need a name, why not?”

Looking for digital media solutions for your educational institution? We’ve partnered with Creating Communities in providing solutions for educational institutions.



shark eats bear and sebmedia